Hubelino kid toys

Hubelino is a manufacturer of children's toys from Germany. Their factory is located in the town of Erkelenz. They produce various plastic sets of bricks that are compatible with the popular LEGO Duplo bricks. All toys have been tested by several German agencies and meet all safety standards. They are made of the highest quality ABS plastic. They can even be washed in dishwashers at temperatures up to 40 °C. The company has 4 different product categories in its product range: piquella tracks, learning sets, puzzles and stacking blocks.

"Pikule" tracks

Hubelino products is the most popular and best-selling. It consists of several different sets that differ mainly in the number of parts they consist of. So we have the smallest of 22 parts to the largest of 200 parts. All sets consist of lots of dice, switches and, of course, dice. Such toys allow children to develop their creativity because there is not only one way in which the path can be put together, but everyone can put it together in their own way. Likewise, it is possible to connect several different sets or connect the set with some other elements from the LEGO Duplo set and thus expand the functionality.
It is also possible to download an application for mobile phones and tablets, which contains various templates for laying tracks, track animations and various other interesting things.

Learning sets

There are several different types of products in this category. These are various boards with cubes with which children learn various things, from numbers, letters, mathematics, etc. In addition to classical learning, children can also use them as ordinary game cubes. Therefore, such sets are an excellent and cost-effective gift for smaller children, because at first they use them only as blocks, and when they grow up they can use them for educational purposes.


All puzzles in this category are made of high-quality materials and since they are drawn on cubes, they can also be used as an ordinary toy for stacking. From the less demanding ones to the more difficult ones, they will provide children with a great dose of fun.


These blocks are a great investment because, in addition to being able to be used separately, they can also be combined with LEGO Duplo blocks and piquilla tracks. In this way, children get a very interesting toy and learn to combine.

Hubelino has long been recognized as a high-quality toy brand, therefore it is not surprising that they are sold in many countries, as well as in Croatia on

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